Betting system for draws and odd goals

It is extremely difficult to find a betting system for sporting events, which to give a positive return in the long run. Even if in the beginning, the system to provide some good results after a certain period of time, the betting fatigue and the margin which is offered by the bookmakers prevail and the player loses his or hers money. However, there are some systems that perform better than others and exactly for such one I will talk about in the next few lines.

It is connected with finding of matches with good possibility of ending with a draw. The idea is to bet for a draw in the match and also both teams to score an odd number of goals. If you look a little more closely at this system you will see that it loses only if one of the two teams beat another with 2, 4, 6 and so on goals difference. In other cases you will be able to achieve the so desired profit.

There is an another thing which should be explained in details and it is about the odds offered by the bookmakers for these types of bets. Something which also needs to be explained more closely is the size of the stakes, the bettors need to make in order to achieve the desired profit.

The odds for a draw in the matches vary between 2.87 and 3.3 in general when we have two equal teams in the match. The odds for odd number of goals scored by both teams in the match are between 1.95 and 2.05 in such meetings. These are the proposals made by bet365. If you make the necessary calculations you would find out that in order to earn one unit from a winning bet, it must bet four to five units. In practice, this means that you need to do five – six winning bets to achieve profits or need success rate about 80%. Is this possible?

I’d say yes.

Is it possible to maintain such success rate for a long enough period of time which to bring this desired long-term success? To be honest I’m not sure. What I am sure is that is something which is worth to try.

I did an experiment with 200 matches, where I got performance of 82.96%. This is a result which brings profit, but will the success rate be the same after a thousand matches? Well, I am not so sure. Anyway, the fact is that the system is interesting and can be useful if you decide to try it.

Good luck.